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Jared's Story

Growing up I always valued sustainability. I never liked the idea of burning fossil fuels to get around. Naturally, I feel very gravitated towards electric vehicles (EV’s).


I have a used craigslist electric motorcycle, but not a car, though I would love to have one! These days I do have the ability to get one, however what good is it for me to have an EV? I don’t have a driveway or a way to charge at home, so I would rely on public chargers to charge once a week.


Why doesn’t everyone drive electric? The answer is the infrastructure. The problem is we don’t really have any public fast chargers where I live.


I furiously started doing data research and making maps on the most efficient way to spread out DC Fast Chargers (Charge an EV under an hour) for my state of Wisconsin. I was upset that no one is building our charging infrastructure, but then I got a wild thought; I could do it.


Instead of me buying an EV that I can’t feasibly own, why not take that same capital and create the environment that would convince 7 others to go electric that otherwise would not have? And that brings me here.

Denver Tesla.jpg

The Motorcycle

csc 2_edited.jpg

Totally Sparked

My roommate had a light electric motorcycle. He would let me take it out for rides, and I actually got my license with it!

I eventually got my own used electric motorcycle, a Zero FXS. Riding it is like being in a different dimension. 

These bikes really forced me to see the problems with, and the lack of, charging locations.

Never Stop Day Dreaming 

In the early days before an LLC was formed, I was making maps and networks to layout the most efficient layout for DC Fast Charging in Wisconsin.

At that time I started reading a book that happened to be about networks and patterns that appear everywhere in nature and human creations. This network was called the "Small World Network".


I was mesmerized by it. I noted its resemblance to a spider web or dream catcher. Thinking of the other things a dream catcher represents (capturing bad dreams and spirits), I found it a fitting name.

Dream Catcher

Transparent White Logo.png


Konnect Charger kw.png

Let us all get Konnect-ed

Continuing with the theme of a connected small world, Konnect ® became a registered trademark of Dream Catcher Energies, LLC.

Now users can better Konnect to their designation, better Konnect to the road, to the air, the water, forests, trails, with each other and with ourselves. 

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