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From Dream Catcher Energies, LLC

Konnect Charger

Konnect® is a registered brand of EV chargers from Dream Catcher Energies, LLC

Konnect® your business to new customers! When you host one of our Fast Chargers, you have a guaranteed 15 to 60 minutes to captivate new customers with your products or services

Public DC Fast Chargers are few and far between in Wisconsin, meaning wealthy and affluent EV drivers have few options for fueling. Contact us to see how your business could benefit by being apart of the EV charging infrastructure solution

Be a part of our Konnect®-ed network of Midwest DC Fast Chargers to compete with other businesses, build your brand as sustainable and future-forward, and to prevent your business from falling behind

By hosting Konnect®, we take care of operations, management, and installation of the chargers so you can focus on your business

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