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Based in Sheboygan Wisconsin, we aim to electrify all of the Midwest, starting here at home.

We provide EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) level 3 DC Fast Chargers with CCS and CHAdeMo plug types.

What We Do

Charger Installation

Our installation process is one stop, we contract out utility upgrades, installations, and even curb / concrete / masonry work when applicable.

Business Analysis

Is your business a right fit for our charging network? Let's talk and find out!

Lets also see what configurations and layouts work best for your individual wants and needs!

Charger Management

Focus on your business, not the chargers you host!

If you want a hands off method of hosting chargers on at your business, we got you covered :)

Infrastructure Mapping and Networking

We started Dream Catcher Energies, LLC by making an efficient map of the best places to have clusters of DC Fast Charging in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.


Konnect is the registered name of our EV chargers. When installing with us, you have the opportunity to be part of our connected network; Konnect. Learn more

Konnect Charger kw.png
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